Recreational activities and water sports are separated by that thin veil of athleticism that not everyone shares. Anyone who is interested in putting themselves to the test can do so with the activities that we’ll be looking at today, provided they have the will and the Resource.

Being athletic, one is expected to always be prepared and fit.  But that does not mean getting those fit muscles is a easy like a walk in the park  (strolling around the Dam Square in Amsterdam the Netherlands is a form of recreation).  One has to work on it.

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Water sports are for those who love athletic adventures while getting wet.  Unlike people who likes to slouch in the couch and surf the net (choosing to be a website traffic which is a good idea for website owners) athletic people are always on the move.  For them time is of the essence.


Unlike regular surfing, where you need to wait for the wave that you will ride to shore, Windsurfing only requires the wind to blow a sufficient speed. Not only does this activity require more technical control, it also requires more tenacity owing to the fact that it can go on for a while.

Water Polo

Although not exactly the hottest water sports in the market, there’s no denying that water polo can be grueling. The sport basically involves taking a ball and chucking it at the goal post to score. It combines the team-based system of football, the horrendous physical demands of swimming, and the bruises you get from rugby.  This is one of the water activities that is very enjoyable to do.

Free Diving

Not exactly a sport, free diving is still quite the demanding activity that you can undertake in the water. You are basically diving underwater as far as you can and staying there for as long as you can. While under the surface, you can do pretty much whatever you want, from exploring ship wrecks or caves, to fishing. It’s really up to you.

Dragon Boat

Possibly one of the most popular water sports all over the world and one that is actually recognized as a legitimate show of athletic prowess and teamwork, Dragon Boat races are held regularly in numerous countries. One boat is usually occupied by 22 people. 20 to row in a synchronized and powerful fashion, 1 to bang the drums and 1 to shout orders.

White Water Rafting

Then we have White Water rafting, one of the more popular types of activities that both tourists and professionals get involved in. It basically involves getting on a raft, which will then find some river rapids where the fast current clashes with the rocks. It creates white foam on the surface, hence the name. This activity can range from mildly challenging to insanely dangerous, depending on how fast the current is and how long the rapids go.